Fitness Stretching

Benefits of stretching for the body

A very common mistake in people who start in sports is to skip the moment of stretching. In fact, it is very common to assume that they are not important or that you can do without them. However, stretching helps prevent possible injuries, improve circulation and keep muscles flexible and healthy.

And what is the best time to do it? Experts recommend stretching the muscles involved in the exercise when it is still hot, reaching a point where you notice the tension but without feeling pain. Holding 15 seconds will be enough to relax. Although, many times, it is necessary to add to the daily routine some activity related to flexibility and stretching, in which these aspects are worked on more completely. For example, through Active Global Streching (SGA).

Through this program, not only all the benefits of a good stretch are used, but in a single session all the movements necessary to stretch the different muscular chains of the body are combined. This achieves an improvement in the performance as well as helps the alignment of the joints and the correction of the posture.

Lydia Fernández, Director of the Core Pilates Energy Center, makes a small distinction between the SGA and a normal stretch, and is that the first is done with cold muscle, because, ensures that “thus the length gained is greater”, and even more durable In addition, Fernandez defends that those who try it out of the classroom more relaxed and with a huge sense of lightness. It sounds good, right? So one way to take the first contact with this technique is to practice ‘The posture of the frog ‘. Under this curious name two variants are included, which is done on the floor (all the back and legs supported) and in the air, in which the legs are placed on the wall. With these two exercises a fairly complete stretch of the lower part of the body is achieved.

Stretching is one more part of the exercise, and not only is it good for your health, but aesthetically it is also noticeable. The muscles will look slimmer and less stiff, and the posture will be much more stylized when regaining the lost flexibility . Therefore, the next time you go for a run or practice sports, do not forget about stretching!