Healthy Eating Guide

In a great time we live, dear! 

Everybody loves to devour, and therefore the shelves of the shops are filled up with such a variety that the choice of drinking yogurt takes longer than the choice of a shirt. You can become a vegetarian, despise gluten, fats. Numerous systems of diets will tell you how to jump off a carbohydrate needle and lose weight. But if you really want to lose weight, ask us how – we will tell. And to be more precise, we will clarify the key points in the diet, we will explain. After all, to be healthy and slim, you need to understand what substances were prescribed in the body after you bit off an apple. Let’s touch the basics, and that’s enough.


Calorie is primarily a unit of energy. That is why burning calories (for example, riding a cardio machine) is a great way to lose weight. The most important thing in nutrition is to find out how many calories your body burns on average per day. And it does not matter whether you want to lose weight or become big, like Dolph Lundgren in the Red Scorpion. Say, if you consume 2400 calories a day, but it burns much less, then you need to balance your diet and jump on the simulator. If you want to decorate bones with meat, then you need to consume definitely more than 2000 calories burned per day (including in the hall). Everything is very simple: if you want to gain weight, consume more calories and lift heavy so that the energy passes into the muscles and not into fat. If you want to lose weight, then the energy that is processed into fat, should be consumed less.

Macro nutrients

A great, phenomenal way to allocate consumed resources to the individual needs of your body. Macro nutrients provide the necessary energy and are distributed as follows.

Carbohydrates: Thanks to diets and other oddities, their reputation is worse than ever. But in fact, we really need carbohydrates. They are the main source of energy. Without them, we would feel lethargic and tired. That is why they exist. Carbohydrates are different and are found everywhere: in pasta, rice, vegetables and fruits. Therefore, throwing them out of the food system is stupid and quite difficult. But know how to distinguish good sources of carbohydrates from bad ones: you shouldn’t scoop them from french fries – it’s better from spinach and apples.Fat:The second macro with a bad reputation. “Do I look fat?”, “Do I need to lose weight?” But we are here to refute the view that fat is bad. In fact, this is another important macro for the effective operation of our body. Fats are necessary for healthy skin (our largest organ), nails, hair and make all of our systems, exhausted by stress and their own disorder, function properly. In fact, maintaining good fats in our diets can be a catalyst for effective weight loss (also called a “ketogenic diet”). Like carbohydrates, it is important to choose good fats to lubricate yourself not so much from the outside, but rather from the inside. Unsaturated fats, such as Omega-3, extremely useful for your restless body. While tricky trans fats that are found in large quantities in vegetable oils (which is why fried food is like Satan’s spittle), can cause heart disease. Choose fats wisely. In their diet should be somewhere in the 20% of the total number of all macro nutrients from food.

Protein: And here, darling, and the third macro. The most heroic of all. Protein has an excellent reputation because it helps to restore and build muscle. Fitness gurus and bodybuilders love squirrels so much that popular rumor has spawned bad rumors and memes about them. Everyone heard jokes about what bodybuilders are ready for for protein. In recipes for healthy dishes that are crammed with social networks, protein is necessarily contained. In general, protein is a wonderful macro nutrient, but because of its deification and too noble reputation, many do not know that its excessive use can adversely affect the body. From this, you can gain extra weight and ruin the liver. Usually in the diet should be 20-25% protein.


Let it not macro, but in general is also a very useful item. Indescribably useful, but we still do not eat enough fiber. Men need about 38 grams of fiber per day, and women need about 25. And it is she who, like nothing else, will help you to “draw” the look you would like to have, to establish the normal functioning of the body, and, most importantly, it’s like with a brush, clean out the remnants of harmful elements from your body. Berry, legumes, beans, and grains were seen among high fiber foods.


The main structural protein contained in the skin, has become popular recently, although the Japanese, for example, use it for centuries. This is what you need to eat in order not to be wrinkled, like Shar Pei or Dukalis in your own 30. Collagen is not only an aesthetic source of youth (as is the case with hair, skin or nails), this does not end its powers. More importantly, it increases the life of the joints, bones, tendons and ligaments. It is better to be wrinkled than not to sleep at night with pain in the knees. Together with glucosamine, they can help with this. You can find it in olives, cartilage of dead animals and fish, meat broth, algae, brewer’s yeast and dry powders, which are all piled up.