Medicine of the Future: Blockchain Clinic

City clinics have long been a haven for retirees who do not know what to do but to sit in lines, discuss the decaying West with each other and distract doctors with the symptoms of old age. The latter are increasingly losing interest in treatment due to low motivation and patient discontent. Because of these and many other factors, I don’t even want to visit city hospitals – you drink paracetamol, you pray and you go to bed with hope of healing.

However, there are a sufficient number of clinics interested in the speedy recovery of their patients. One of these is the Open Clinic, which has a number of advantages that even a healthy person will be interested in.

Record through the application

There is already no power to call the registry, but to come and stand in lines you either go crazy, skipping everyone, or pick up a new disease. And just happens once.

But time does not stand still, technology has long been leaked to the sphere of medical care. Panacea is a handy application for your smartphone, so to speak a personal assistant in treatment. At any time of the day or night, you can enroll to the doctor you are interested in when it is convenient for you, and at the same time receive a discount of 500 rubles. Through Panacea you will get access to your medical card and analysis, you will be able to find out your treatment plan and see the full catalog of medical services. Signed up, paid, came, cured, left. Convenience and comfort.

Smart contract

We live in the future, where the blockchain technology is increasingly penetrating everyday life. And this is not about Bitcoins, but about the Smart contract – an algorithm for a decentralized contract between the patient and the clinic. Simply put, a person, let’s say, has a headache. He comes to the clinic, enters into a contract, throws the amount in the system for the treatment of headaches. After treatment, the patient may not solve his problem – then he declares this in the application Panacea. The robot evaluates the treatment process on the basis of its algorithms, and, if not everything has been complied with, the client is returned money. By the way, the smart contract algorithms for the Open Clinic are developed on the basis of the standards of the Ministry of Health and Harvard Medical School. Such a system is useful not only for the patient (after all, it is a guarantor of the quality of treatment), but is also an excellent motivation for doctors.

Motivation of doctors

The Hippocratic Oath is not always an incentive for medical professionals, and a doctor’s salary does not guarantee interest in a speedy recovery. The Open Clinic has developed its own motivation system, which is based on the prize. It includes the number of patients discharged with improvements, the implementation of medical standards for diagnosis and treatment, clients who came on the recommendation, and the result of professional testing. Thus, each specialist of the Open Clinic is interested not only in the speedy recovery of the patient, but also in professional growth, development of his skills and efficiency of treatment.

Doctors rating

Monthly analysis of the work of medical staff, which takes into account their productivity and professional skills. You can see their rating, which consists of a percentage of three parameters: satisfaction with the result of treatment, the implementation of treatment standards and the implementation of service standards. Thanks to this rating, you can always choose the best doctor for yourself.