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Superfoods that can not be missing in your diet

The list of the healthiest foods can end up being infinite, at least worthy of theses and encyclopedias, but among all those present we wanted to highlight ten. Not because they are the healthiest (they all have properties that make them unique), rather it is because they are so everyday, and we buy them every week, that we have not even stopped to think how beneficial they are for health. So, we present the top 10 of the best foods. Hopefully you do not make your mouth water before you finish.


Who has not eaten this passion red ball in the salad. No one can resist the explosion that some of its varieties produce, such as cherry. Very used in salads, baked, as garnish and as a single dish. It is the king of health: it reduces inflammations of organs and prevents cancer of the stomach and esophagus. In addition, it is important not to carry cardiovascular diseases.


They may not be the best friends of man, but it is of your organism, and as we go to pachas, better give us a hand. It contributes to the better functioning of the heart and is a good ally of good intestinal bacteria.


That some tale witches try to poison with rich apples is a real fallacy. Prevent lung cancer and (boys, attentive) prostate. It works for the proper functioning of the immune system and helps prevent Alzheimer’s.


You will be a very fertile man if you add to this tendency not only summer. Of course, controls. Things in excess are never good. If you are one of those who roasts in the sun, it helps to digest those harmful rays better thanks to the beta-carotene. Prevents diseases such as prostate cancer.


That its smell is suspect does not mean that it lacks benefits; You know, if it’s bad, it’ll be good. Another ally against prostate cancer and helps eliminate any poisoning we experience. It’s not worth getting drunk and then eating cauliflower.


You can have lynx sight and forget about the falls. It also has antioxidants that protect our DNA.


If you are asthmatic and sports lovers, something that almost always coincides, eat pineapple. It does not matter if it’s in pieces or in juice because it helps improve your asthma. The fruit that helps you eliminate liquids, improves the mobility of your joints and has a fundamental role in surgical recovery.


Your brain will be safe from injuries or complications if you add this food to your diet. Prevents cancer of the prostate, colon and bladder. Do not worry about your diabetes.


Your blood pressure will be maintained at an appropriate level if you devote yourself to eating mushrooms or their multiple varieties. It is another ally in the eradication of cancer and works as a natural detoxifier.


A killer of fats. Outside, we do not want excesses. Let’s stay with the right calories and burn the rest as soon as possible. A wise doctor in the field.